valentine’s day

Have you heard of the five love language?

Mine’s receiving gifts and acts of service so unsurprisingly, I’m all about the presents and surprises on Valentine’s day!

A few months ago, i mentioned to M that I love how rustic Lervish Couture’s bouquets look. So imagine my delight when I received a flower delivery from them on V Day!


Whereas for me, I bought him this book and gave it to him with pancakes & bacon in bed.

Later that evening, M had another surprise for me up his sleeves. He’d made a dinner reservation for us at Mansion 32. It was our first time there and we were pretty impressed with the food, the interior is really pretty too!

May I propose a 6th love language? I think it should be food! Who else agrees with me?


Cinque Terre

If I’ve to pick a favorite place we visited during our honeymoon in Italy, it would definitely be Cinque Terre which means five villages in Italian and it is famous for their iconic pastel buildings along the coast!

We stayed in Corniglia and rented an Airbnb which is normally booked out months in advance as the balcony comes with a beautiful view – overlooking the sea and pastel buildings.

We had most of our dinners on the balcony, a simple meal of local cheese, meats, fruits & pesto from the shop just downstairs. One night we bought gelato and brought it back up to watch the sun set.

Our evenings on the balcony are my favorite memory of our honeymoon. 🙂

We made day trips to the towns each day. This is Riomaggiore, one of the bigger and more popular towns.


The view of Riomaggiore from the harbour. It was so surreal finally being in a place that I’ve been dreaming of going for ages!



The first time in my life having pesto (ikr?!) and I’m a convert!

All our meals in Cinque Terre were so delicious and fresh, especially tomatoes which were so juicy and sweet.


Another day, we hike to the neighbouring Vernazza. The hike was two hours each way and had a ery scenic view of the coast. Mike had a dip in the sea to cool off after and we had pasta for lunch which we definitely deserved after that workout 😉



I’m waiting to board my plane to Manchester now to spend Christmas with Mike’s family (SO EXCITED!) and thought I should blog about our honeymoon before it gets buried under the pile of ‘blog posts that could have been’.

So a week after our wedding, we flew to Italy. For 2 weeks we ate our way through Milan, Cinque Terre & Tuscany. It was incredible!

We spent the least number of days in Milan so there isn’t a lot to share but nevertheless here’s some of my favorite bits of the city…

We flew into Milan and the first thing we did was grab breakfast at Pave. It was my first taste of Italian coffee and it definitely didn’t disappoint!

I had the ham & cheese croissant and we shared a lemon curd tart.

I really enjoyed the tart and still think about it from time to time!

Since it was our honeymoon, we decided to splurge on a fancy room for a night. We booked the Glamour Apartments, which i highly recommend.


Mainly because it has this unbeatable view of the Duomo! The Duomo is literally right at your doorstep.



Which allowed me (and very much to my #instagramhusband’s dismay) to take photos like this at 6am.

Top: Doublewoot (they’ve it in brown, peach & blue now!) / Jeans: Mango / Shoes: ASOS

We visited the Duomo and I was blown away by the history and all the intricate details!

I do have to warn you that the queue to collect your tickets AND to go in the Duomo is very long.

What we did was to split it into two parts..

We bought our tickets online and collected them the day before. The next morning, we went to the cathedral bright and early at 8am and there was no queue to go in at all!

If you’re at the Duomo, you have to try the gelato at Cioccolatitaliani, which is a just a street away. It was very smooth and creamy and all kinds of wonderful!

Birthday Weekend at Shangri-La

Hello guys!

I turned 29 a few days ago and my God I still cannot believe I’m in the last year of my twenties now!

I know a lot of people don’t put much thought on their birthdays, but it’s kinda a big deal for me. I LOVE birthdays. I love how you get to eat lots of cake and just have all the excuse in the world to treat yo self 😀

M knowing how i feel towards birthdays and being the good man that he is, planned me a surprise birthday getaway to celebrate. I won’t deny, i was SO EXCITED.

The moment we touched down at KLIA, i was whisked away to the first of my many surprises. After impatiently sitting through the 60 minutes drive into the city centre, imagine my delight when we arrived at the Shangri-La!

I stayed at Traders Hotel (part of the Shangri-La group) last year for my birthday and loved every minute of it so I was really really happy to be staying there for the next two nights!



We stayed at the Horizon Club and the room was beautiful. It was very old school glamour, in the shades of maroon with touches of gold and a fully marbled bathroom /swoon

The bed my goodness was huge and fluffy and all kinds of A M A Z I N G. In fact, it was so comfortable that we nearly missed breakfast on our last morning cause we both overslept!

The hotel found out it was my birthday and they surprised me with a cake in the room. How sweet of them!

Staying at the Horizon Club meant that we got complimentary buffet breakfast, afternoon tea AND cocktail hour sayyy whuuutt. It was basically food o’clock all day!

As if we didn’t have enough food, we had to order room service too #wechosethefatlife

On Saturday night, M planned a surprise dinner with some of my closest friends and family! Never knew he had such super ninja planning skills haha

There was also ice cream cake (my fav) and balloonnnss (my fav of favs)!! I was so happy to see everyone and time flew by so quickly that night.

Feeling incredibly blessed!

Thank you my dear M for such a wonderful WONDERFUL weekend! ❤ Already looking forward to my 30th bahaha

what i wore : off shoulder dress

Dress: Doublewoot

Hi everyone! Did your bank account survived the Black Friday (and Cyber Monday!) sales? Mine barely did, butttttt i *needed* to update my wardrobe for our upcoming holiday back to the UK for Christmas so totally justified ok right moving on.

So a few weeks back I bought this dress from Doublewoot and guyyyss i had major heart eyes when i tried it on.

The color is GORGEOUS (which is unfortunately sold out). And it’s the kind of dress which you throw on when you’re running very late (story of my life) but still looked like as if you’ve put some thought into your outfit, when really the only thought you had was what to have for lunch.

In fact, i have a top in this same design in white (worn *here*). I don’t normally buy the same design in different colors so you must know how much i really love this!

Alamanda Villas, Langkawi

Hello everyone!! 🙂

I decided to start a new blog (but with the same name) cause i really miss blogging but there’s just too many cringe worthy posts on my old blog to continue writing there! I started blogging since I was 16 so there’s loads of cryptic emo posts there which is LOLZ x1000 and not something I want out on the world wide web for all to see. So a fresh new blog it is!

Anyway here’s a first little post about our trip to Langkawi last month (tho it feels like centuries ago now!) for a very much needed mini break. Work was full on for the both of us and it was really nice to just go away and not have to think of anything 😉

I’ve had my eye on Alamanda Villas for a long time but it was always fully booked. So when i saw that there was an opening, we didn’t hesitate to quickly book a room at the Sunset Villa!


There are only 4 villas in the compound, and ours was the one right at the top, which i think has the best view amongst all! Though i’ve to warn you that the steep walk up might kill you a little.



Swimsuit: ASOS

None of the other guests seem to use the pool so it felt like we had a private pool to ourselves! Though in the spirit of full disclosure, I mainly used the pool for photos really. 🙊 Gurlfriend here didn’t spend an hour curling my hair to then go for a swim!


Our balcony overlooked the paddy fields, and sunsets here are pretty spectacular!


Breakfast on our balcony one of the mornings here. Those who know me will know i live for breakfasts with a view so this was a treat!


Dress: ASOS

This dress from ASOS is on sale now!

The embroidery on it is really pretty, doesn’t hurt that it comes with a thigh high slit that would make Angelina Jolie proud.